Blafar Ltd. is focused on the research and development of high quality and frontier functionalised biopolymers and their formulations for cosmetics, personal care and biomedical/biological applications. Our technologies for the design and development of such innovative raw materials will provide advanced functionalised biopolymers, including functionalised hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, gelatin and collagen and their derivatives for improved outcomes in biomedical applications. Blafar Ltd. is committed to provide design, development, and prototyping service to meet various requirements for customised biomaterials and supply unique synthetic hyperbranched polymers with customised molecular weights through biocompatible synthesis approaches.

Blafar Ltd. has been engaging with several Irish Funding Agencies funded projects to realize the potential impact of our biopolymer technologies on improving the quality of the lives of patients worldwide.




Blafar Ltd. also participates in several research projects funded under Horizon 2020-EU. List of research projects and the brief introduction of each project is as follows.

HyMedPoly aims to develop new therapies based on biomedical polymers and inorganic materials. A group of 9 universities and companies from across Europe are creating a cohort of 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) for the development of new materials (such as biopolymers, bioceramics and bioactive glasses) with antibacterial capacity for biomedical applications. The new material systems are aimed at applications such as wound management, implants and biofilm prevention. Each ESRs is receiving a practical training programme through state-of-the-art research projects at world-class academic institutes and companies and is addressing key issues that determine the future new therapies of antibacterial materials. Blafar Ltd. develops biopolymers using modern chemistry and polymer chemistry approaches. The polymers obtained are used as antibacterial biomaterials for wound healing.

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