Our Company

Founded by Professor Wenxin Wang, Blafar Ltd. was span-out from Vornia Ltd. in 2018 after it was acquired by Ashland Inc. Blafar is headquartered at Pioneer group’s Cherrywood location in Dublin, a state of the art facility for new ventures and entrepreneurs.

With our comprehensive skills and knowledge in the development of functionalised biopolymers and their applications, and in collaboration with leading researchers at UCD, we aim to be at the forefront of the global market of innovative functionalised biopolymers.

Our Expertise

Blafar Ltd. boasts a highly skilled and passionate technical team comprising experts from diverse disciplines, dedicated to the design, development, and synthesis of functionalised biomaterials. Our team is committed to meeting the unique requirements of our customers by providing innovative solutions. Our specialised focus lies in the creation of functionalised polymers that serve as active ingredients and raw materials for various applications in the biomedical field.

In addition, we are actively engaged in the development of end-use products, such as injectable hydrogels for advanced cell and drug delivery, bio-inks and dermal filler applications. We produce both R&D and GMP-like grade products, ensuring the highest quality standards to meet your regulatory needs. Our extensive portfolio comprises a comprehensive selection of functionalised biopolymer products. This includes hyperbranched PEG-based polymers, functionalised hyaluronic acid and gelatin, and collagen.

Our Company Culture and Values

Blafar’s culture and values revolve around a customer-focused core. This foundation helps us deliver exceptional service and develop products that help take your biomedical technology to market. We prioritise integrity, teamwork, innovation, quality, and education in all aspects of our operations. We conduct ourselves with honesty and transparency, building trust with our customers. Through effective communication, we actively listen to your needs, address concerns, and gather feedback. We foster a culture of innovation by continuously seeking new ways to improve our products and services, staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Our commitment to quality ensures that every interaction and solution we provide meets the highest standards of excellence. Moreover, we embrace a culture of learning, empowering our employees to continually develop their skills and knowledge.

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