Our Company History

Blafar Ltd. was incorporated in 2018 by spinning out from Vornia Ltd. Professor Wenxin Wang is the founder of both companies. Professor Wenxin Wang served as the Chairman and CSO for Vornia Ltd. from 2010 to 2018 when it was acquired by Ashland Inc (a Fortune500 US company). Vornia Ltd. specialised in polylactic acid (PLA) and polylactic acid glycolic acid copolymer (PLGA) based bioresorbable polyester materials. The technologies on functionalised biopolymers, biocompatible injectable hydrogels as well as bio-inks for 3D printing, were spun out to form the new company, Blafar Ltd.

Our Customers and Targeted Markets

Blafar will be leading the global consumer market of functionalised biopolymers and their derived products such as injectable hydrogels and bio-inks and their applications in the field such as cell/drug delivery, 3D printed tissue engineering scaffold, dermal fillers, skincare and wound healing. We design, develop and manufacture functionalised biopolymers as hydrogel biomaterials for tissue engineering and biomedical applications. We develop high quality and advanced formulations containing unique functionalised biopolymers. We also develop and supply customised biomaterials for our customers to meet their specific needs.

Our Expertise and Products

Blafar has the expertise, knowledge and technologies in biopolymer design and functionalisation which can meet various requirements from our global customers. Our vision and goal are to achieve the leadership position in functionalised biopolymers market by developing and manufacturing biopolymer products as key functional ingredients as well as developing the end-use products including injectable hydrogels for cell/drug delivery and bio-inks for 3D bioprinting. Currently, the functionalised biopolymer products from Blafar include hyperbranched (HB) PEG-based polymers, functionalised hyaluronic acid (HA), collagen, gelatin, chondroitin sulfate (CS) and their derived biocompatible and customisable hydrogels and bio-inks.

Our Partnerships

In order to develop dermal filler and medical device products using our unique biopolymer technology platform, now Blafar is working with other industry partners to accelerate the commercialisation processes. We also develop new technologies by collaborating with other research institutes, universities and life science companies. We are currently collaborating with healthcare professionals in different medical fields such as the development of drug delivery injectable hydrogels with orthopedic surgeons for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation induced pain and osteoarthritis, with ophthalmologists for ocular injection, with endocrinologists developing a cell delivery system for hormones supplementation and with plastic surgeons for wound healing and cosmetic surgeries.

Company Business Scope

  • Design and develop ECM based biopolymers and synthetic polymers as the key functional ingredients of versatile injectable hydrogels and bio-inks.
  • Develop injectable hydrogels as cell delivery niche or 3D cell culture platform for wound healing, cartilage and bone repair, hormone supplement, etc.
  • Develop injectable hydrogels as a drug delivery system for eye disease and pain relief, etc.
  • Develop injectable hydrogels for cosmetic and medical aesthetic applications
  • Develop natural and synthetic polymeric biomaterials, e.g. different ECM based biopolymers and PEG-based polymers for skin care/cosmetic, medical aesthetic and biomedical applications
  • Develop advanced multifunctional biomaterials for wound dressing, cartilage and bone repair, arterial/coronary stent and nerve catheter/conduit
  • Research and develop other new pipeline biopolymer products
  • Services and Consultancy on the development of customised biopolymers