Methacrylated Gelatin (Gel-MA)

Synonyms: Gel-MA

Blafar’s UV-curable Methacrylated Gelatin (Gel-MA) is derived from a natural protein making it particularly suited to cell culture, cosmetic and medical device applications. Gel-MA is a versatile biomaterial that combines the bioactivity of gelatin with the photo-crosslinking capabilities of methacrylate groups.

Specifications available: Type A and Type B Gelatin raw material. This product is packaged in 2 mL or 10 mL glass vials.

Grade: R&D grade

Catalogue Number & Description

GelMA01 – Type A Gelatin as the raw material
GelMA02 – Type B Gelatin as the raw material

If these variants do not meet your required specification, please see our page on customised synthesis

Technical Information

Form: Faint yellow to white foam
Solubility: Water, PBS
Cytotoxicity: Biocompatible
Applications: 3D cell culture scaffold, 3D bioprinting, ECM substitute

With its unique properties, our methacrylated gelatin offers exceptional potential for applications in tissue engineering, drug delivery, and 3D cell culture, providing you with a reliable and customizable solution for your biomedical research needs. Gel-MA can be crosslinked rapidly under UV irradiation.

Storage and Packaging Information

Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) provided for information regarding hazards and safe handling practices.

Conditions for Storage:
Store in original vial until use
Recommended storage temperature ≤-15°C.
Avoid exposure to light and heat.

When stored as recommended, our products have a shelf life of 1 year. Please refer to the Certificate of Analysis for the expiration date.

Special Instructions:
Do not expose to air until use.

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